Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre
Bulkana Oval
Spring Crescent
Banksia Park, S.A. 5091

There are four types of membership available:

To become a member the following form must be completed and provided to the registrar of the Little Athletics or Seniors club:

 TTGAC Membership Sheet (81 KB)

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members may be:

  • Any person being a bona fide athlete.
  • Parent of little athlete or any other person prepared to abide by the rules of the Association and the rules and directions of the International Athletics Federation.

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Associate Members

The Associate membership of the Association shall be comprised of such persons as the Centre Management Committee considers desirable in the interest of the Association to admit as associate members.

Associate members shall not be entitled to attend or vote at meetings of members, or take part in the business of the Association: but in all other respects the rights, privileges and obligations of associate members pursuant to these Rules shall be those of ordinary members

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Honorary Members

The Centre Management Committee may elect as honorary members:

  • Persons of distinguished position or attainment.
  • Guests or visitors introduced by members.

Honorary Members enjoy all the rights and privileges of members other than the right to attend and vote at meetings of members or take part in the business of the Association. They are not required to pay any subscription fees.

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Life Members

Life membership may be bestowed upon any person who has rendered outstanding and valuable service to the Association. A minimum of 10 years service of the Centre before Life Membership is considered.

Athlete Life membership may also be bestowed upon any athlete who has competed for the Association on a regular basis. A minimum total of 15 years service of the Centre before Athlete Life Membership is considered.

The Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre would like to acknowledge its Life Members. Without the commitment and dedication shown by these members the Centre would not be here today. The members listed below have provided invaluable input into the successful running of the Centre.

Bruce Ainslie (1998)
Otto Arens
Andrew Beck (2008)
Bob F. Blackmore (1988)
Noel Bray
Mike Butcher
Steve Butler (2015)
Barry Carter(2006)
A.D. Cocks
Treana C. Cossey
Loralie J. Dunn (1983)
Wayne Greenham (2015)
Craig Hams (2014)
Colleen Hargans (2006)
Peter Hargans (2006)
Caroline Jackman (2006)
Stephen Jelfs (2013)
David Jelfs (2013)
Chris Johnson (1997)
David Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Tim Johnson (2002)
Daniel Judd (2006)
John Lockwood
Cassie Neubauer (2005)
Laurie F. O’Connell (1988)
Mark Ormrod (2006)
Darren Page (2005)
Jeff I. Page
Kylie Page(2005)
David Parrott (1996)
Cindy Ridgewell (2008)
Mark Ridgewell (2008)
Chris Roberts (2010)
Sean Roberts (2013)
Beryl Robertson (1996)
Don Robertson (1996)
D. Rowberry
Kirsty Rudge-Coppin (2013)
Halina Stankiewicz (2002)
Mike Stankiewicz (2002)
Chris Staples
Jordan Staples (2010)
Richard Staples
Ray H. Tedore (1988)
Ian Todd (1993)
Pat Todd (1993)
Dave J. Turner (1991)
John Wilmes

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New Life Members
Posted: 23 October 2015
Congratulations to our new life members Stephen Butler and Wayne Greenham.